Zygomatic implants:
the safe, fast and effective alternative

What are zygomatic implants?

The options to be a candidate for a dental implant have multiplied in recent times. A excellent example are zygomatic implants. It is a viable alternative for those patients with impaired upper jaws who cannot opt ​​for a conventional implant.

Although they are still unknown by much of the population, At the Salud Dental Blanco clinics in Madrid we have years of experience and hundreds of patients treated with this typology.

A surgical alternative with extremely high levels of security and success when supervised and executed by a highly specialized team.

The main difference of zygomatic implants

The main difference between a conventional and a zygomatic implant It is the length of the same and, also, the anatomical space where it is adjusted. Specifically, zygomatic implants are a kind of screws that they are anchored in the upper jaw, close to the dense zygoma bone. Herein lies the success of its viability. These implants, between 30 and 52 centimeters, reach the cheek bone, guaranteeing their resistance and durability. 


At the Salud Dental Blanco clinics in Madrid, specialists in zygomatic implants, we highlight another important difference. With this typology patients will not need previous bone grafts making the whole process faster and more effective. After surgery, the patient receives fixed teeth after just 3 days. 


Many people also ask about the complexity of the surgical procedure. Indeed the procedure is different and requires a surgeon with great experience. However, the discomfort for the patient is very similar to what he would have with a conventional implant. 

Zygomatic implants

The safe alternative for patients with bone loss

Every day more patients come to our clinics in Madrid interested in zygomatic implants.

On numerous occasions they had been told that they could not perform an implant due to lack of bone.

This belief, which was valid a few years ago, is now totally wrong. Advances in technology, the training of expert teams in implantology and extensive experience in this field have shown that recovering lost teeth is a viable option for a great majority. 

Indeed, those patients who have been without teeth for a long time, or with different previous pathologies, lose the consistency of their bone.

This bone atrophy, as we call the lack of bone under the gum, makes a conventional implant unfeasible or complicated. However, Newer alternatives, like zygomatic implants, have become a great solution for over-the-top dental restoration. More information at zygomatic implants

zygomatic implants

How do you know if you are a candidate for zygomatic implants?

To know if you are a candidate for zygomatic implants you must request a personalized consultation. It is the best way to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

At Salud Dental Blanco, fully committed to patients and results, we take the previous process very seriously by conducting a free evaluation of each patient that also includes a 3D X-ray without any cost. 

Many of the real cases that have passed through our clinics highlight that the first visit to Salud Dental Blanco was revealing. It is a unique opportunity, without any commitment, to get to know the modern facilities, the cutting-edge technology and, especially, the quality of our dentists. Our medical team, led by Dr. Gregorio Comino, has the ability to explain the entire process directly and clearly, ensuring that the patient understands the entire process from the first moment. You can see the real testimonials of our patients in this link.

Zygomatic implants

Benefits of zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants have other alternatives such as cortical implants or bone grafts. However, as our Dr. Gregorio Comino will explain to you, the success rate of zygomatics is often higher than bone regeneration. And, in addition, it is a faster and easier intervention. 


The benefits of zygomatic implants are very high. First of all, from a health perspective. The patient with extreme bone loss can regain their teeth and quality of life very quickly. And second, from a practical perspective. With this type of implants, thanks to the specialization of our clinics in Madrid, the total cost of the treatment can be reduced.

The Blanco Dental Health clinics have become a benchmark for zygomatic implants in Madrid. A positioning achieved thanks to constant investment in quality. Quality in the product because all our implants are 100% biocompatible. Quality in the technology available in the clinics. And quality in specialization and personal attention. 

Still have doubts? Visit our section White Dental Health Reviews, it sure helps you make up your mind.

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Our medical office will assess your case and recommend the best treatment, if you need it. In the case of implants, we have the best solutions in zygomatic implants, cortical implants and immediate loading implants.

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So that you can make a decision about your treatment, Salud Dental Blanco offers you a free 3D X-ray without any commitment, valued at 150 euros.

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To further facilitate access to treatment, Salud Dental Blanco offers you financing for up to 36 months without interest. So money is not a problem if you need zygomatic implants.

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If you want to get your teeth back and you are looking for alternatives like zygomatic implants, remember that you can make an appointment right now. You will get a free evaluation that can be the first step to regain your health and smile.

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