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Endodontic service in Madrid


Salud Dental Blanco offers the service of endodontics in Madrid.


La endodontics It consists of the three-dimensional extirpation of the nerve vascular bundle and subsequent filling of biocompatible material and sealing of the pulp cavity. It is a specialty of dentistry treated by the specialist who is called an endodontist. The term "endodontics" comes from the Latin endo (interior) and odontos (teeth).


In our dental clinic Madrid We rely on the most advanced technological means on the market, for Diagnosis, such as 3D CT, Panoramic and Digital Periapical Radiography and for rotary instrumental treatment and electronic apex locators.



I need one endodontics?


La endodontics It will be necessary prior diagnosis by a specialist in which the piece to be treated presents fractured pieces, deep cavities, excision of granuloma, trauma, caused by a blow or accident, periodontal problems or the need to make carvings, for prosthetic purposes, either crowns or Bridges: Granuloma less than or equal to 4 mm or fistula.


All these symptoms described produce a pain continuous and permanent pulp causing pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve) and later its necrotization that increases with cold and hot stimuli, sweet or acidic foods.

Endodontics Madrid

When is a root canal not indicated?

Endodontics is not always indicated when the pupa is necrotic or irreversible, it is possible to opt for the extraction (extraction) of the dental piece when there is no possibility of its restoration caused by a vertical or book fracture or a fracture of in It is not feasible to restore the coronal area with prosthetic guarantees, perforations or root resorption or advanced periodontal disease and limited opening of the mouth caused by a stroke or trauma to the location of the tooth to be treated.


Always following our philosophy of preserving the tooth, in its function, for as long as possible.



How is a root canal diagnosed?


Previously, the specialist must resort to several elements to be able to obtain a diagnosis without any type of mistake and precision, at Salud Dental Blanco we have one:

  • next generation 3D x-ray photo
  • macroscopic image of the part to be treated photo
  • Complementary clinical tests: such as cold application where we will see the thermal reaction of the piece, visual auscultation in the mouth where we will locate the periodontal state and possible fissure.
  • anamnesis: medical history, personal history, heart or lung diseases, drug allergies, drugs the patient is currently taking, subjective assessment of pain

With all these elements we guarantee the treatment to follow; whether it is for endodontics, extraction or restoration.

It should be emphasized that the most important thing to be successful in treatment is a good diagnosis-

This allows us to achieve accurate and reliable results, performed by highly qualified and specialized professionals.

Endodontics Madrid
Endodontics Madrid

Benefit of a root canal

Endodontics is a procedure performed to preserve a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.


How is a root canal performed?


According to each case, the technique to be followed and the instruments are evaluated, being able to use a manual and / or rotary system (mechanical rotary file system).


  • Anesthesia (on the tooth to be treated).
  • Isolation with rubber dam. this part is very important to avoid contaminating the part to be treated and vice versa
  • Opening (remove cavities, old fillings, crowns, etc.) to access the interior of the tooth, that is, the nerve to be treated.
  • Determine the working limit (electronic apex locator) for subsequent preparation and cleaning of the canals (manual and rotary instruments and irrigate with sodium hypochlorite at a temperature of 60 degrees or chlorhexidine).
  • Drying (with paper cones).
  • Sealing of the canals with gutta-percha (cones) and thermoplastic material (fluid gutta-percha).
  • Reconstruction of the tooth (since the endodontic tooth is weakened in most cases, it must practically always be protected with a crown).


During this procedure, high-end and latest generation instruments and materials are used, like everything we have at Salud Dental Blanco Dental Clinic Madrid.

Is it a painful treatment?

The treatment is carried out under the effect of local anesthetics of the piece to be treated, thus avoiding the patient feeling any pain or discomfort during it.


MATERIALS FOR YOUR SEALING SEALING AND PROSTHETIC RECONSTRUCTION. we are going to divide the endodontics for its restoration into two parts, one superior or coronal and another inferior or radicular



ONCE THE NECROTIC AREA OF THE PULP IS EXTRACTED AND DO NOT LEAVE ANY KIND OF CONTAMINATING BACTERIA INSIDE IT. The same place where the nerve bundle was housed, this phase is very important where the endodontist must seal perfectly with this material supported by a cement thus avoiding any leakage through the apical foramen (photo



Depending on the state of the piece in the upper area, we recommend the reconstruction of the destroyed tissue with a glass ionomer bolt that gathers the same megapascals that our tooth and not the metallic ones, which is that being harder they cause root fractures,

, later reconstruction of the piece and its crown. in this way, we avoid its failure by giving consistency and hardness to the endodontic piece.


Endodontics must be protected with:

  • Glass ionomer bolt
  • Corona

If we do not protect the endodontic piece as mentioned above and restore it, it will inevitably lead to failure due to its breakage.

In White Dental Health, dental clinic Madrid, we have eliminated metal from the prosthetic part, working as far as possible and on the case of each patient

Endodontics Madrid

Is root canal treatment painful?

Pain during root canal

The treatment is carried out under the effect of local anesthetics, thus preventing the patient from feeling any pain or discomfort in the nerves or blood vessels during its performance.

Pain after root canal

Once the endodontics is finished and the anesthesia has passed, you can continue with your daily activity as normal without any discomfort.

The pain of a poorly done root canal.

Have you recently had a root canal and do you have post-treatment pain? So your dentist may not have done it correctly.

Why? Failure is easy if you don't have the right means. In addition to the training and experience of our healthcare professionals, we are committed to having the best technology to avoid these problems that no professional should allow.

In any case, there is no problem that has no solution and there is the possibility of performing a re-endodontia. If you want more information you can call us or make an appointment to go to the clinic and have a review.

Types of endodontics

Single root endodontics

It is done on the anterior teeth or premolars with a root. If a root canal consists of repairing and cleaning the canals of the tooth where the pulp is, the single root It is the one that is performed on the teeth that have a single conduit.

Bi-root canal treatment

It is performed on premolars and molars with two canals in the root.

Multi-root endodontics

It is done on molars with more than two canals in the root.

Is it a long-lasting treatment?

The treatment is carried out under the effect of local anesthetics. Once the anesthesia is finished and the effect of the anesthesia has passed, you can continue with your daily activity as normal without any discomfort.

The restored tooth after a root canal it can last a lifetime if you continue to take care of your teeth and gums. However, regular check-ups are needed. As long as the root or roots of the treated tooth are supported by the surrounding tissues, the tooth will remain healthy.

How much does endodontics cost? Price

The price of endodontics varies according to the degree of complexity. If you want to know how much it would be in your particular case, we remind you that you can request an appointment with our dentists totally free after which we will comment on the treatment and its price.


This process does not have alternatives, but rather that there are a series of treatments that are carried out prior to this, since we could classify it as the strongest for the technique used. First, if possible, the professional will recommend a dental filling, and if not, a reconstruction of the tooth. Ultimately this process will be recommended.