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El dental filling it's a technique to remove cavities of the teeth. It is a process in which the tooth is filed in order to eliminate said cavities so that it does not reach the root. When performing this action, a hole is created in the grinding wheel that must be filled.

The best solution to prevent cavities is to maintain proper oral hygiene, since cavities are produced due to the acidity of some foods, which if not eliminated after eating them can affect the tooth's enamel, damaging it.

If tooth decay is not removed, it can lead to a more serious problem as it can overcome the inner part of the tooth reaching the dental pulp.

Step-by-step dental filling. The process.

  • Local anesthesia
  • Caries removal and cavity cleaning
  • Tooth filling: composite adhesion
  • Shape filling to fit the bite

The filling is performed in a single session of less than an hour that begins with an anesthesia to avoid pain for the patient. It continues with a dental cleaning removing the tissue affected by caries. Once the caries area has been cleared, the filling is placed, filling the resulting cavity and the tooth is polished to match the patient's bite.

Types of dental filling

There are several types of dental filling, the most common being those of metals (silver, copper or gold) and resin.


Metal fillings


They last longer -up to 30 years- although aesthetically they lose since they have a lot of contrast with the color of the teeth.


Resin fillings


Resin fillings, on the other hand, maintain the tone of the teeth, but their duration is less, approximately 10 years. Within this type, those of ceramic and composite (a kind of plastic),

Reconstruction of the tooth. What is the difference with dental filling?

Reconstruction of the tooth is a technique with the same purpose as filling, but it is performed when the caries infection has reached a much greater extent and has affected the entire tooth. In this situation, the dental filling is no longer valid and the problem is saved with a reconstruction of the tooth.

If the problem is so serious that it is not possible to save it with a filling or a reconstruction, then a endodontics.

How long does an amalgam last?

Generally they last about 10 years, but it also depends on other factors such as the cleaning that is carried out and the care that is taken.

Not to be confused with resin composite fillings, which last half as long on average.

Does the dental filling hurt?

Our dentists do an anesthesia as a previous step to the dental filling process, so beyond the puncture of anesthesia, it does not hurt.

How much does a filling cost? What is the price of each filling?

Dental fillings are one of the cheapest treatments in dental clinics, with a price close to € 50.

If you want to know what price you would need, do not hesitate to call one of our three without obligation dental clinics in Carabanchel , or if you prefer, come to your first consultation completely free of charge where our professionals will recommend the treatment you need and solve all your doubts.

Is a filling or a reconstruction better?

It depends on the health of the tooth. Normally a dental filling if it has been sighted in time. If the complication is greater then the professional who treats you will recommend reconstruction if necessary.

In our clinic you can have a dental filling in Madrid.

What is a cavity?

It is the deterioration of the tooth, specifically of the tissues that form it, mainly due to the intake of acidic foods and a neglect of oral hygiene.

These two causes together cause the enamel erosion of the tooth with the remains that remain around it.