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Recover your smile and your illusion.

Day by day, multitudes of patients pass through our clinics looking for one last chance to change their lives. Patients who cannot smile to life due to poor oral health. They have found the change they were looking for in the White Dental Health solutions. His smile and his illusion have returned.

If smiling is one of your problems, talk to us. We can offer you a solution, regardless of how complicated your problem may seem.

We invite you to see the White Dental Health Reviews , of people who left our clinic with a big smile:

Carmen: Step by step of a new life (report)

This report perfectly conveys the feeling of many of our patients when it comes to getting to know us. People, like you, who have suffered pain, discomfort, complexities, insecurity ... and who, after visiting our clinic, have been able to enjoy a new life of happiness.

Even if you think that each person is different, and that your problem has no solution. Yes it does! At Salud Dental Blanco we will always give you a solution to your problem.

Congratulations, Carmen! Enjoy your happiness.

đŸ„‡ Herminio Menendez, Olympic Canoeing Gold, puts himself in our hands

Herminio Menéndez had an accident in which he lost his upper teeth. From a very young age he has used mobile teeth. Now, he has entrusted his dental health to Salud Dental Blanco. In this video he tells us his opinion about the speed, the treatment and the quality of the service of our clinic.

Do you want to know more about this Olympic canoeing medalist? Know all its merits here!. Trust their criteria to choose your dental clinic.

Visit Blanco Dental Health and leave your problems behind.

Rafael Salazar met us on TV and is now part of the Salud Dental Blanco family

Rafael Salazar met us on television. He had tried a multitude of clinics, without success. Finally, Rafael has put himself in our hands and has been pleasantly satisfied !! Thank you very much for the copy of your book, Rafael !!

Miguel Romero: "I shouldn't have been afraid of the dentist ..."

Miguel had serious dental problems and did not dare to go to the dentist for fear of possible pain.

He has been very satisfied with his treatment and encourages anyone who needs it to visit Salud Dental Blanco, for his exceptional treatment.

Mr. Wang is a new person, without complexes

Our client, Mr. Wang, had serious problems with his gums that caused his teeth to fall out. This problem caused pain when eating and speaking, as well as a great aesthetic complex. Now, after passing through Salud Dental Blanco, he is wearing a big smile. In just one day she got her spectacular smile.

Valentina tells us about her experience in other clinics ...

Valentina had had bad experiences at other clinics. He couldn't eat properly. Now, at Salud Dental Blanco, he has achieved the ideal smile.

Thanks to the zygomatic implants, in a matter of hours, he has been able to lead a completely normal life.

We got a "miracle" for Antonia

Antonia is very excited. It has completely changed her life: No more glue, no more pads, no more worries
 "Now is when I will be happy." Thank you Antonia, we love to make you happy

Vanesa has recovered her quality of life

After seeking a solution in other dental clinics, Vanesa needed fixed implants to avoid a dangerous operation. At Salud Dental Blanco we have been able to solve your problem. You can already eat solid products after a long time.

Radu says goodbye to mouth pain

Radu Daniel had a dental problem that caused him tremendous and constant pain. At Salud Dental Blanco we have replaced your damaged teeth with a fixed denture. Now he is much better. Find out why he recommends us. Asks here! your first free date.

Pilar already has her new teeth

Pilar has changed her life in just 1 day. Now you can safely go out to eat without worrying about your teeth. Leave behind, you too, the pesky glues and pads of removable dentures. It costs much less than you think!

"As if I had mine, I can't believe it"

MÂȘ Rosario cannot believe the result of her new implants. He says it's like having your own teeth. Tired of her previous removable dentures, she now feels like a new person. She is very happy with Salud Dental Blanco.

Lorenzo wanted a new mouth quickly

Lorenzo came for problems with his previous implants. Any proposed treatment was slow and painful, and he wanted perfect teeth fast. At Salud Dental Blanco we helped him and he became a satisfied new patient.

"It seems incredible to me." At last he leaves his removable prostheses behind

Julia met us on television. He was struck by the fact that we could make him leave his removable prostheses behind, as they caused him enormous pain and a multitude of injuries.

We solve Leopoldo's problems

"The advice of Salud Dental Blanco has been impeccable", Leopoldo Andrade suffered a bad experience in another clinic, which he paid for four years, and which never solved his problem.

Fernando was looking for quality of life, and found it with zygomatic implants

Fernando was changing dental clinic for 15 years until he met us, At Salud Dental Blanco he learned about zygomatic implants, and thanks to that, his life changed.

Juan Carlos is eating again and has solved his dental problems

After being left in the lurch due to a bad experience with another clinic, someone recommended Salud Dental Blanco to him. He is very happy to have put himself in our hands. He has returned to eating normally and has forgotten the stress caused by his old teeth.

Antonio shows us the importance of smiling again

Antonio tells us the importance of smiling, after a long time without being able to do it comfortably. His previous implants had stopped working, but in a very short time we managed to regain his great smile Contact us now! We can help you too.

"We practically had no mouth." Find out why they recommend us.

Diego and Ana MarĂ­a tell us how their lives have changed in a few days. They are looking forward to showing off their new smile. They have been very satisfied with the professional and family treatment they have received.

Contact us now to change your life!

I used to have difficulties speaking, eating and sleeping

ConcepciĂłn had dental problems since she was 14 years old. He had tried all kinds of implants until he met us. His emotion, seeing the result, motivates us every day. It's something amazing. Another dream come true! You can also solve your dental problems,  Contact us now!

Eduardo again enjoys eating without pain or worries

Eduardo was looking for a quality clinic to replace his broken implants and has found in Salud Dental Blanco an incomparable professional treatment.
He has managed to regain his quality of life. He has returned to eating calmly, without pain or worry.

"I have regained my confidence in myself"

Alicia had tried a multitude of dental clinics until they recommended White Dental Health to her.
In a matter of days we cleared an infection caused by a previous treatment and she was smiling again.

"Having a good mouth is having health"

Luis has been postponing the visit to the dentist until his problem became untenable. Now, having recovered his dental health, he has realized that having a healthy mouth is synonymous with having a good quality of life.

New smile, after having lost hope.

Concha went to Salud Dental Blanco after having failed her previous clinic, where they had not offered any solution to her problem. When he arrived at Salud Dental Blanco, everything changed. After a single operation and without grafts, Concha went home with her new fixed teeth, hoping to start her new life of smiles.

"I'm glad I came, forever grateful to Dr. Blanco"

Juana steeled herself to solve her oral problems once and for all. She met us on television and Dr. Blanco reassured her, gave her security and she put herself in the hands of Salud Dental Blanco. You are now a new person. He only regrets not having done it sooner!

I will be able to smile without covering myself

Beatriz doubted if, due to medication, she could get a traditional implant. After an analysis by our team, we opted to use cortical implants. Finally, this novel technique returned his smile after a long time.

After a year without teeth, Isabel can forget about her dental problems

Isabel is happy again after recovering her upper teeth.
After the operation, she was very surprised with the treatment of our team and the speed of the process.
A new success story from Salud Dental Blanco. Contact us!

Mario solved the problem caused by his previous dentist

Mario visualized his new smile in our clinic, lost after having previously visited other clinics.
After his implant operation, Mario has a wonderful smile and happiness shines in his eyes. If you think that your case has no solution, come to us.

Stefan returns to enjoying a normal life with his new teeth

Oral infection, pain, tooth loss, ... At Salud Dental Blanco we have eliminated the pain, and replaced your teeth in record time.
Now you can lead a normal life and enjoy food again
There is also a solution for you.  Contact us now!

Stop hiding your smile ... finally!

Julia was not able to show her smile until she came to Salud Dental Blanco and learned about our dental veneers treatment. In one simple intervention, her life completely changed. Now he shows his teeth with pride, and that makes us happy too.

It is "trumpet" all the life

Another of our patients, a trumpet player by vocation, comes to us to recover his smile and to be able to practice his great passion again. After meeting us through a friend who had smiled again, he contacted Salud Dental Blanco without hesitation. All the rest is said by his face and his renewed illusion:

Burst into tears to smile again

Emotion fills many of our patients when they see their dream come true. The work and dedication of each of our professionals is rewarded by testimonies like the following one, in which one of our patients recovers her smile in just one operation.
This is why we work every day. So that you recover your illusion.

... And in a few days Nuria got her smile back!

Many clients come to us after a long pilgrimage to other clinics. Like Nuria, who did not believe that in a matter of a few days she would be able to regain her smile. Faced with long bone regeneration treatments, Salud Dental Blanco is committed to cortical implants. A healthy, precise and practical solution that, every day, returns the smile to many of our patients. Contact us now!

After an implant operation the problems are over

Alicia's life changed after her implant operation. He came to us with many dental problems and infections that caused him a poor quality of life ... and that could put other aspects such as his cardiovascular health at risk. Today, Alicia enjoys a perfect smile and a healthy life.

That nice feeling of biting again

Piedad, another of our patients, excitedly told us how she regained the pleasant sensation of biting again when she had already lost hope of regaining her smile. And how, at Salud Dental Blanco, he regained part of his life, and part of his dream (literally):

Do you remember when you ate hazelnuts?

Loli excitedly told us how she was able to return to her normal life after having gone through Salud Dental Blanco. He told us about his good experience in his immediate load prosthesis procedure ... and how he was able to eat again ... even hazelnuts!

You are just one phone call away from getting your sleep back

At Salud Dental Blanco we are looking forward to helping you, just as we have helped many patients to change their lives. Smiling is an important part of our lives, and we don't want anyone to be without it. If you have a dental problem, do not hesitate, we will help you. Fill in the information on the form and we will contact you to offer you a free assessment of your case, without any commitment.