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Teeth whitening at home

Professional teeth whitening at home as if they did it in a clinic it is possible. You get your home teeth whitening kit and a dentist from our clinic will call you by phone or videoconference if you want and explain step by step how the kit works and what you should do.

teeth whitening at home

Features and Benefits

  • Professional care.
    You have the possibility to speak with a professional who will explain the process and answer your questions. You can also call us before buying if you want to know more.
  • Endorsed by healthcare professionals.
    Some home whitening can be harmful, so we offer you a kit endorsed by professional doctors and dentists.
  • The most comfortable treatment.
    Without the need to go to a dental clinic, you can whiten your teeth without leaving home.
  • Effective results
    Unlike homemade teeth whitening, this method has been designed by professional dentists.
  • Security.
    It does not damage the enamel of the teeth or move their disposition.
teeth whitening at home

How can you whiten teeth at home?

Make the teeth whitening at home It's very simple. You just have to perform these simple steps. You can also watch it on video to understand it quickly.


1 )

Order your kit and receive it at home

Call us at 91 509 13 29 or write to us by WhatsApp at 648 63 34 24 to order your kit or request information about teeth whitening at home. You can also fill out the contact form and we will call you.

2 )

Open the kit

Take it out of the packaging and put it on top of your teeth. Swallow to fixate on the position of your teeth.

3 )

Remove the outer sleeve

Swallow again so the inner sleeve is properly attached.

4 )

Remember not to press with your fingers or bite with your teeth.

Order your home teeth whitening kit or request information

Call us at 91 509 13 29 and we will contact you as soon as the notification reaches us during business hours. You can also fill out the form below to make an appointment for a teeth whitening in Madrid.

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