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We have specialized in invisible orthodontics and with very good results.

Hundreds of patients with crooked teeth have turned to the professionals who work at this center in search of an effective solution to their problems.

invisible orthodontics madrid Invisalign

What is invisible orthodontics?

As an alternative to braces and wires, the invisible orthodontics in Madrid. You will not notice that you are wearing it. We achieve this with a new oral appliance that is made of transparent material achieving an invisible effect, so that the person wearing it does not seem to have it.

If you do not like your smile, go to Salud Dental Blanco, and get a perfect denture without the inconveniences that the traditional treatment of metal or lingual brackets has, eliminating the aesthetic problem and providing more comfort due to the material and shape of the invisible orthodontics .

Another service that we offer to our patients is the placement of dental veneers in Madrid, upper and lower, with the aim of improving the aesthetics of the mouth, a minimally invasive treatment for the tooth.



  • We correct all bad occlusions, both light, difficult and very difficult.
  • It is an invisible and clean technique.
  • Preview of results.
  • Removable It can be removed and put on by the patient with what can be eaten without apparatus.
  • It does not damage the enamel.
  • Apical root reabsorption.
  • Avoid cavities.
  • Avoid gingival hyperplasia.
  • Avoid periodontitis. Especially recommended for patients with periodontitis.
  • Avoid sores and scrapes.
  • Avoid halitosis.
  • The movement of the teeth is totally painless and more progressive and gradual, essential to form the consolidation of bone mass and avoid loss of pieces due to forced and rapid movements of the usual techniques.
  • Completely invisible and comfortable.
  • Visiting hours for the orthodontist's check-up are reduced to less than half. The time that the patient is in the chair for the adjustment changes from 30 min to 5 min.

Types of orthodontics

lingual orthodontics madrid and alicante

Lingual orthodontics

This type of orthodontics is made of the same material as traditional orthodontics, that is, stainless steel brackets. The difference with the previous ones is in the aesthetic improvement they provide by incorporating these brackets in the internal part of the teeth, preventing them from being exposed to the outside. For practical purposes, we can say that it achieves an “invisible effect”.

sapphire braces invisible orthodontics madrid

Sapphire orthodontics

The most conventional method. Traditionally, metal braces have been placed on visits to the dentist, made with sheets of stainless steel that are individually attached to each tooth and that are joined by a metal thread.

The result of the sapphire braces It is simply successful, although it has its drawbacks in the aesthetic part, being very visible due to the contrast with the color of the teeth and the discomfort that arises when eating especially. These inconveniences have been solved with new styles of orthodontics, invisible or of other types and materials.

orthodontics madrid porcelain brackets alicante

Ceramic porcelain orthodontics

This orthodontic method is also a derivation of traditional braces and they are also characterized by aesthetic improvement.

In the case of sapphire or porcelain orthodontics, it stands out because the stainless steel of the brackets is replaced by the sapphire or porcelain itself, thus achieving less contrast with the teeth and thus making them less visible.

Therefore, we can say that it has the advantage of traditional orthodontics in terms of effectiveness and also achieves an aesthetic complement.

invisible orthodontics invisalign madrid

Invisalign: Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign invisible orthodontics is the option you should choose if your main concern is dental aesthetics and that it is seen as little as possible. In this case, nothing. Make an appointment for invisalign in Madrid.

metal braces orthodontics madrid

Metallic orthodontics

This type of orthodontics is the one that achieves the most similar effect to invisible orthodontics, since both the brackets and the arch are completely transparent, reducing the perception of orthodontics. The material is similar to that of traditional orthodontics or porcelain with a more successful finish.



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Frequently asked questions from our clients about invisible orthodontics

What is the Invisalign system?

It is an orthodontic system that stands out for not using braces, preventing the smile from being aesthetically affected.

It is compatible with traditional braces treatments, and like them, the follow-up is monthly.

What is invisible orthodontics?

It is a alternative traditional metal braces, improving the aesthetics of the patient throughout the treatment as it is manufactured with transparent retainers, designed to the size of the denture, being invaluable to the eye.

What other types of orthodontics are there?

In addition to invisible orthodontics with the invisalign method, you can choose between:

  • Metallic orthodontics
  • Sapphire or clear orthodontics
  • Orthodontics self-ligating

What is the difference with metallic orthodontics or sapphire braces?

The sapphire braces They are designed with the same purpose: to be more aesthetic and discreet in the mouth. This type of orthodontics is achieved by using sapphire as a material for orthodontic plates, which is characterized by its transparent color, being almost imperceptible to the eye.

Transparent orthodontics achieves this by directly using an invisible structure that can also be easily removed and repositioned on the teeth without problems.

What is the price of invisible orthodontics?

El price it is superior to other types of orthodontics such as metal braces since improved materials and techniques are used.

At our dental clinic you can attend a free first consultation where we will analyze your teeth and tell you the price accordingly.