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Real-time assistance for implant placement

In our white dental health clinics we use IRIS-100. A 3D intra-osseous GPS system designed for implant surgery, 3D dental CBCT images are used to plan implant position, angulation and depth in the 3D environment in real time.

The 3D Intra-Osseous GPS system is a system developed in conjunction with the implant tracking system and software that offers clinicians the precise navigation and guidance necessary during implant surgical procedures.


Blind surgeries are over, doctors can see on screen in real time during drilling, with safe and reliable results. Patients can have the confidence of knowing that the doctor places the implant in the most precise position, minimizing risks, complications and even recovery time, due to minimally invasive surgery.

Before proceeding to surgery, we begin with the location of the virtual space between the 3D CBCT images and the location of the implant surgery.


Using an optical surgical plate located in the dental implant instrument, we locate the optical space that provides a virtual visualization in real time of the position of the perforation intraoral.


It provides us with immediate real-time information on the depth of the actual drilling and the angulation, which allows a safe and exact orientation during surgeries and implant procedures.

Iris-100 can export the image that was originally a Dicom in STL format, the resulting STL file will contain the implant planed project with its axis, which can be edited by the technician, using third-party software for CAD / design CAM restoration without the need for a scanner.

Benefits of digital flow, they do everything in one visit:

  • DICOM data import.
  • Planning of the implant position.
  • Export of implant position in STL.
  • CAD modeling of the custom abutment and crown.
  • Manufacturing CAM of the custom abutment and crown.
Before surgery everything will be ready.
  • Placement of the navigated implant.
  • The insertion of the abutment.
  • Temporary cementation of the crown.


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