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If you are considering or need to have implants in Madrid, you should not only be guided by the price.


An implant may be the right solution for you; however, there are a number of factors to consider before making the decision. Among them, the types of dental implants available in Madrid, the qualities of each one, as well as their advantages and / or disadvantages for your particular case.


In the following guide you will find all the necessary information so that you can make a more informed decision about dental implant treatments.


Dental implants Madrid


What are dental implants?

They are prostheses that are placed through a surgical intervention, in which teeth are inserted into the maxillary bone. It is an implant in the bone that combines with your tissues and integrates into your body over the years, thanks to the action of internal cells and blood capillaries.


Dental implants allow dental absences to be replaced in a definitive and highly predictable way. The surgical procedures in our dental clinic in Carabanchel are carried out with great skill, which simplifies the interventions. Of course, details are taken care of, everything the patient needs is provided for and the most cutting-edge technology in the dental sector is used,


If you choose our clinic, you will not have to wait long to show off an enviable dental aesthetic and to enjoy the functionality of a perfect denture again.


The replacement of a missing tooth has evolved from removable dentures to fixed dentures and recently to dental implants. The latter are conventionally intended to replace missing teeth in the maxilla and mandible.


In the field of prosthodontics, the ultimate goal is to provide one or more artificial teeth that are fully bonded within the mouth and remain firm under the patient's normal oral activities and appear natural to the eye. At Implantes Dental Blanco we have embraced all the avant-garde techniques with great expertise.


When do you have to put dental implants?

It is useful when you want a stability equal to or greater than that obtained with the lost natural teeth and you do not want to leave all the work to the rest. In this case, dentures are placed, using the immediate loading technique that allows the patient to have a fixed mouth from the moment the implants are placed, without having to wear uncomfortable removable prostheses.


The placement of implants is also favorable when it is intended to adapt a kind of anchor for dental prostheses that are mobile. Of course, this generates stability, giving the patient safety and also a lot of comfort, just as it would be fixed.


Another reason is to help the jawbone, thanks to the fact that there will be no resorption to reduce its volume. That is, the tissues will be free of damage, even the appearance of folds and wrinkles that usually appear when there are missing teeth is avoided; Undesirable effect that in the long run causes premature aging of the person's face.


On the other hand, the integration of the implant makes possible anchors to carry out certain orthopedic and orthodontic treatments. Without this type of intervention, it is likely that such alternatives would not even be feasible for the patient.

Is dental implants annoying?

In SALUD DENTAL BLANCO the surgical procedures of the implant treatment are very well protocolized and, in general, they are carried out with no discomfort and are not very invasive, thus achieving a practically painless treatment without inflammation.


They are performed under local anesthesia, like many other dental treatments such as filling. In the postoperative period, some slight discomfort may occur when the effect of anesthesia ceases, which disappears after 24 hours.


Only for specific cases, in which by medical indication or when the patient so requires, general anesthesia is chosen.


SALUD DENTAL BLANCO's Implantology Team will recommend the best way to carry out the treatment and will help you avoid discomfort after implant placement.

Types of dental implants

Today patients have a large number of options available. This time we are going to focus on four (4): Cortical, Hybrid, Immediate Charge and Zygomatic.

Cortical dental implants

The cortical implants they are incorporated when there is an absence of bone in the jaw, a circumstance that prevents the placement of another type of implant. Click on the link if you want to know more about them.

Hybrid dental implants

The hybrid implant consists of the manufacture of a malleable plate with the appropriate measurements and design to serve as an anchor in the area of ​​the mouth, close to where the tooth / s are implanted. It will have screw holes and a stump called an abutment, which projects from the flat surface of the plate.

What are hybrid dental implants?

In the hybrid implant, the prosthetic tooth can be fixed to the abutment.


The implant is a prefabricated thin malleable elongated laminar plate, which has a vestibular anchoring part with holes for screws and a lingual or footplate anchoring part with at least two screw holes, from which it is possible to fix in the most appropriate area of the jaw bone using screws. Two arms on each side of the pillar are of variable length.


However, the number of holes in the plate and the diameter and length of the abutment are also variable. The length of the abutment can be cut to size as required.


These variations are decided according to the implant placement site in the jaw. The elongated laminar plate, abutment and screws are made of titanium.

When are hybrid dental implants necessary?

When none of the options, such as "Conventional Implants", "Zygomatic Implants", has a place in the recovery of your teeth for whatever reasons: functional, physical, economic.


You can resort to the alternative of hybrid implants. They are easy to use and with adequate resistance.

How do hybrid dental implants work?

Hybrid implants are similar to conventional and zygomatic implants, since their functionality is the same, so you can chew again as if you had normal teeth.

Comparison with other dental implant processes

The difference between other dental implant methods is that it requires a different surgery, using screws to fix the plates instead of implants.

Comparison with other dental implant processes

Treatment advantages

One of the main advantages of hybrid implants is that they are usually very comfortable and the patient feels as if they are wearing their own teeth.


It gives an excellent result and allows good chewing.


It is easy to maintain; and if any alteration is required, the dentist will have no problems.


Regarding the economic issue, hybrid prostheses are much more affordable. Also, if an adjustment is warranted, it will cost less money, since the procedure involved is quick and simple.

Why hybrid dental implants? Feedback

As we have already mentioned, in those cases where there is a lack of bone, it is an option to zygomatic implants.

Is a specialized dentist required?

This procedure is not as common because very few dentists are trained to provide these treatments. Dr. Gregorio Comino from Salud Dental Blanco received formal training in hybrid implants and has applied these techniques in all his clinics for some years now.


The surgical skill involved in the placement of hybrid implants also requires a high level of experience, understanding of the anatomy, and specialized surgical training.


It is mandatory to perform a 3-D cone beam CBCT scan and detailed two-step examination and consult.


At that exam, the doctor will also evaluate your sinuses to make sure the normal sinus drainage tubes are open. If they are not, they can refer you to an otolaryngologist.


He will review a virtual representation of your procedure and walk you through the pros and cons of hybrid dental implant reconstruction or traditional sinus lift bone graft reconstruction.


In our clinics we do both procedures routinely. Dr. Gregorio Comino can help you decide which option is best for you.

Is there pain with hybrid dental implants?

Although they may seem a bit scary, the pain associated with hybrid implants is roughly the same as with regular bone grafting procedures. You will be given a special anti-inflammatory to help reduce any postoperative discomfort.


Most patients acquire some degree of temporary bruising.


Many of our patients do not need heavy pain relievers and end up using an ibuprofen by the second day. They even end up very surprised by how easy this treatment is.

Risk of these dental implants

When little or no bone is present, all dental implants, be they conventional, hybrid or otherwise, the procedures carry some degree of risk; any procedure owns it. No discussion would be complete without talking about them, however remote they may be.


Surgical risks, although rare, may include bleeding, cuts to the lips, poor primary stability, bruising, entry into the bone below the orbit or infratemporal fossa, paresthesia (numbness), pain, tenderness, sinusitis, thread exposure , oral communication.


In summary, just like any other complex oral dental implant surgery, there are risks.

Patients for whom this type of implant is directed

Although hybrid implants may seem a bit scary to some, at Salud Dental Blanco we offer a safe solution for patients with extreme bone loss.


The use of hybrid implants at Salud Dental Blanco is a predictable way to decrease patient cost and total treatment time. This option is often much less invasive than other dental implant treatments for severe upper jaw bone loss.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants

We are at the forefront of implant technology, offering a top quality solution with immediate loading: recovering the aesthetics and functionality of the lost part or parts in a single intervention.

What are immediate loading dental implants?

The big difference with respect to the traditional ones is that the patient receives the implant immediately without having to wait months for its placement.


Apart from the convenience of this, there are cases where you can even lower the costs of the procedure.


Why may immediate loading dental implants be needed?

If you are a candidate for this type of implant, it is recommended that you choose it, since as mentioned, the time of the placement of the piece is immediate.


Zygomatic implants

Nobody likes dental surgery, but sometimes it is necessary.


If you have taken away the hope of having implants due to problems or absence of bone in the upper jaw, in our clinic we will always find a possibility for you.


Thanks to advances in technology, research has led us to Zygomatic implants.


Let's take a moment to discuss Zygomatic dental implants and cover why you may need them.


What are zygomatic dental implants?

They are an alternative to more traditional implants, which involve drilling directly into the jaw. Instead of doing this, these prostheses are much longer than conventional ones.


They anchor themselves in the upper jaw, which is close to the dense zygoma bone. This difference in location means that Zygomatics can provide a secure foundation for your dental implants, whereas for other types it would not be possible.


In people with impaired jaws who cannot receive conventional implant surgery, advances with Zygomatic implants mean that there is still an option for them.


Why you might need zygomatic dental implants

If you have visited the dentist and he has told you that you need an implant, but as there is no bone, there is nothing to do; Or you are a user of false teeth and have thought about how you could make it fixed, zygomatic implants may be for you.

How do zygomatic dental implants work?

Zygomatic implants are attached to the area of ​​the jaw bone near the zygoma bone. Post-surgery, fixed teeth can be replaced after three days.


The typical recovery time after this procedure is approximately four months.


After this time, a last restoration can be applied to completely finish the operation. The end result is a new set of teeth in a person who, prior to Zygomatic implant technology, had not been able to have dental implants.


Zygomatic implants look better in some ways than more traditional methods. For example, they do not require bone grafts, which can take up to half a year to heal, which in such cases delays the eventual dental implants you need.


As indicated above, this option is viable for those who have to require numerous surgical interventions to opt for traditional implants.


With Zygomatic implants, in addition to smiling confidently again, you will be able to chew and speak naturally. Having a mouth full of healthy teeth is something everyone deserves.


If you do not have bone support, go for an evaluation at our clinic, and we will tell you if you are a candidate for one of these implants. Getting your teeth back may be closer than you think.

Why choose this type?

The lack of bone is no longer a problem to have your complete teeth.


The beauty of this procedure is that it is accomplished "without grafts." This means that for most patients, no major bone grafting is necessary.


Additionally we have to:

  1. The patient always has teeth and does not have to be ashamed.
  2. Blocking the bone graft is unnecessary.
  3. A sinus lift bone graft is unnecessary.
  4. Reduces the time of a Prettau zirconia dental implant bridge retained screw implant.
  5. Narrow the timeline to completion of the upper jaw restoration.
  6. An extra-long zygomatic dental implant is roughly equivalent to 3-4 regular dental implants.
  7. It is done under IV sedation while you sleep.
  8. In some cases, it can lower the cost.
  9. Double zygomatic or "quad zygomatic" implants can be done on both sides of the upper jaw. This allows for faster healing than bone graft.
  10. Natural teeth can be extracted and zygomatic dental implants can be placed in the same appointment.
  11. Old and failing bone-defective dental implants can be removed and replaced with the zygomatic alternative.


They should perform a 3-D scan with a CBCT cone beam, then proceed with a detailed two-step examination and finally you have to go through the respective consultation.


The treating doctor will also examine your breasts; this in order to validate that the ducts that allow sinus drainage are open. If not, you will be referred to an otolaryngologist, a specialist who will study the case with a virtual representation and will specify what you can face and what favorable points you will achieve with a zygomatic implant procedure or with a conventional one with sinus lift grafts.


At Salud Dental Blanco we have vast experience in any of the treatments. Put your trust in Dr. Gregorio Comino and he will help you choose the option that best suits you.

Is a specialized dentist required?

In this procedure, although it is not exclusive to Salud Dental Blanco, we are able to carry it out with the safety that patients deserve. Specialty that is not common in the rest of the clinics in the country.


Dr. Gregorio Comino received formal training in zygomatic implants and applies these techniques in his clinics. The surgical skill involved in the placement of zygomatic implants requires high-level expertise, a proper understanding of anatomy, and training and specialization in this particular process cannot be lacking.

Do zygomatic dental implants cause pain?

A procedure of this magnitude can be a bit scary, but in reality the discomfort is much the same as what patients undergoing bone graft procedures experience. To mitigate the pain, a special anti-inflammatory is usually sufficient.


It is common for temporary bruises to appear, nothing serious.


Most don't even require heavy pain relievers. And the next day, to dissipate the pain, an appropriate dose of ibuprofen is sufficient. There are many who state that the postoperative period is nothing traumatic, nor is the adaptation to the implants.

Risk of dental implants

Risk of this type of implant

We must note that when there is an absence of bone or its existence is greatly diminished, be it implant or bone graft, there will be a certain level of risk. Actually, no treatment is exempt from it, so let's see the ones of this type of implants.


Fortunately, the probability of occurrence is very low; however, there are cases of bleeding, deficiency during primary stability, minor injuries to the lips, zygomatic fracture, evidence of bruising, sinusitis, moderate pain, entry into the bone below the orbit or infratemporal fossa, feeling of numbness (paresthesia), uncomfortable sensitivity to touch, oral-antral communication, exposure to threads, implant failure, zygomatic-cutaneous communication, and zygomatic implant fracture.


The final bridge on the side of the tongue often needs to be made a little thicker than normal, because the zygomatic dental implant is sometimes closer to the roof of the mouth than a regular implant.


There is no exception, any oral surgery that involves the placement of dental implants carries some complexity and with it there are latent risks.

Who does it serve?

Zygomatic implants can be scary, but at our clinics we offer a safe solution for patients with extreme bone loss.


Among the advantages that zygomatic implants bring, at least in our clinic, is that the patient will probably see the total cost of the treatment reduced and obtain the desired results very quickly. This is due to the fact that it is minimally invasive, even when there is considerable loss of bone tissue in the upper jaw.


Now you can put yourself in the best hands of the dental implant experts. The Blanco Dental Health team of professionals is trained in the latest advances in this matter.


Our implants are one hundred percent biocompatible. Our dental centers have the most avant-garde equipment on the market, which allows us to successfully carry out all kinds of operations.


Our implants are made of titanium, with a special bath, they guarantee osseointegration without rejection or allergies. Our dentists will advise and inform you at all times of the advantages and benefits of these treatments.

Types of qualities and differences

The differences between one and the other may be the factor that determines the success of your treatment. They should be understood so that you can make the best decision, from the hand of your dentist, about the implant.



Spiral of implants

The AC one has a square loop, that is, 3 surfaces. On the other hand, GM's is triangular, we would only be talking about 2 surfaces. It means that AC has a larger surface area, so the bone has more room to grip. There are many scientific studies that support that osseointegrate square-turn implants are better.

Geometrical design

The AC has a conical design and the GM cylindrical. The conical design is proven to have greater primary stability; consequently, the implant will grip better.

Hydroxyapatite and Ag Nanoparticles Coating.

The AC one has a coating of a particle called Hydroxyapatite and silver nanoparticles that give the implant an ability to induce bone more quickly and which, in turn, is of better quality. It also has bactericidal power so it acts as a barrier against peri-implantitis bacteria, that is, against microorganisms that cause implant rejections. All these features are not possessed by GM.

Adjusting the prosthesis

In AC there are no GAPs (Gaps between the IMPLANT-CROWN junction). This means that it prevents bacteria from infiltrating, offering greater durability to the implant. In addition, in AC the thread of the union is machined at the factory; On the other hand, in GM's it is the prosthetist who performs the casting by hand and the fit is not as perfect as in AC's.

Quality control

The manufacturers of AC implants review all implants one by one to verify that there is no type of factory fault. In GM's they bias one in 20.


As long as the patient comes for their check-ups every 6 months, the implant is guaranteed. The revisions in themselves have no additional cost; but, if any other type of cleaning treatment, RAR, etc. had to be carried out, it will be charged.

So the Mid-Range implant is bad?

No. GM's is a good implant but it doesn't have the great features of the AC. This superior quality of AC makes the implant more expensive, hence there is a price difference.

  • The 2 are made of grade IV Titanium.
  • The 2 grip well.
  • Both are good.

Price dental implants Madrid

This will depend on the type of implant and the qualities but can range from 750 euros to 25.000 euros.

Why does the price vary so much between dental clinics?

First, there are the characteristics of the implants themselves. They must be of excellent quality so that unwanted infections do not occur, allergies do not occur, there are no problems with the maxillary or mandibular bone, nor, of course, the implant is lost. It is recommended that they have the approval of the European Union, which means that they would have the guarantee of not being imitations or fraudulent replicas, but that they would be facing genuine High-end implants.


For this reason, depending on the quality of the implant offered, the price can vary substantially from one clinic to another.

Your best dental implant at Salud Dental Blanco

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