Cortical implants:
The solution to lack of bone

What are cortical implants?

Cortical implants They are those that we place when we have no possibility of hooking an implant to the bone because it has been lost. To do this, we hook a splint in the patient's cortical area with small screws and, later, we place the implants in the splint.

Cortical implants are perfectly fixed to the patient's jaw, since the splint is moldable and adaptable to the bone structure of each patient.

The cortical implants They are the perfect alternative for people who do not have bone to anchor the usual implants, and a much more comfortable alternative than prostheses. The cortical implantsUnlike prostheses, they allow you to speak and eat naturally, without any type of limitation.

The solution of the cortical implants It is like having a fixed denture again.

Mouth problems:
Better to stop them as soon as possible, but there is still a solution.

Bone loss is one of the main problems of not tackling an oral problem in time. If the problems are addressed in time, the loss of teeth can be solved with conventional implants. Fortunately, White Dental Health It has the necessary technology for the perfect placement of cortical implants, so that bone loss is no longer a problem today.

Despite looking like a complicated operation, it is a simple process, since we are talking about a minimally invasive surgery.

Cortical implants

Cortical implant specialists

White Dental Health It has the latest technology and the best quality in surgical material. But what distinguishes us is the professional experience that accompanies our patients throughout their treatments. The Dr. Gregorio White Cumin He is one of the few specialists in this modality.

The cortical implants They are custom designed by computer for each patient, which is a guarantee for the success of the surgeries.

If you are considering getting cortical implants and, due to the absence of bone, they have put a problem, have contacted with White Dental Health.

cortical dental implants

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