Are you looking for a change of dentist?

Change of dentist

With White Dental Health, changing dentist is very simple. If you are not happy with your current clinic, we can help you.


Are you not receiving the quality treatment that you were promised?

Don't they treat you as you think they have to?

Have you been the victim of negligence?

Every day we come across cases of patients who are not satisfied with their dentist, and have even suffered bad practices.

If you are one of them, you should know that you are not obliged to continue with a dentist if you do not want to, and that you can change dentist at any time during the treatment.

We guarantee the implants and previous treatments that you have done in other clinics *

Have you had problems in another clinic?

We often receive visits from patients who have had problems at other clinics. From poorly executed treatments to people affected by the closure of franchises. Salud Dental Blanco can help you:

Madrid dental clinic. Change dentist. Free expert opinion.


We put our team of certified dental experts at your disposal, so that you can claim your old clinic for a poorly performed treatment.

Madrid dental clinic. Treatment continuity.

with your treatment

If you are not happy with your current dentist, we can continue with your treatment. You will not lose the guarantee of the treatments that you have carried out so far. If you are not comfortable with your clinic, do not go ahead with it.

Madrid dental clinic. Warranty.


Come to our clinic and we will give you a personalized and FREE assessment of your case. Salud Dental Blanco guarantees * your previous treatments, even if they have been carried out by another clinic.

*Terms and Conditions: The guarantee of the guaranteed previous treatments is subject to an inspection and approval by our medical team, as well as to the mandatory periodic reviews recommended by the same. Salud Dental Blanco reserves the right to reject those treatments that it considers have not been carried out or maintained correctly.

The dental treatments you need

We continue any dental treatment that is being carried out, in addition to being able to start another with all the guarantees.





Dental expert

If your concern is because you have already paid for all the treatmentWe have dental experts who will make reports so that the payment to the current clinic is canceled so that your new treatment at SALUD DENTAL BLANCO does not cost you more.

Send us your details and we will contact you.