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Companies that dental veneers they are another specialty of Dental Aesthetics of our clinic, which aims to improve our appearance by achieving perfection in the teeth located in front of our mouth.

Dental veneers Madrid

What are dental veneers for?

Within the scope of dental Aesthetics We can find a series of treatments that are applied to improve teeth, both in appearance and functionality. Such is the case of dental veneers, which have revolutionized the way people can smile, because they are thin and almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Let's see its uses, types and advantages:

In today's world, where dental beauty is a fundamental part of the global appearance of the individual, this dental resource is extremely effective. The reason is that it achieves remove blemishes from teeth and, in addition, it produces the result without impacting the dental arch. However, if the case requires it, the doctor may suggest other types of treatments, such as implants or the use of orthodontics.

Dental veneers are an excellent aesthetic alternative

Having poorly positioned or worn teeth creates a sloppy image. For this reason, keep them aligned with a clear, smooth and shiny surface It is the best cover letter that you can show to others, and it will even be a reflection of good oral health, which is highly valued by most.

In many cultures, the smile is a symbol of hierarchy and power. Such is the case of the nomadic men of Chad, who through a dance ritual seek to impress women with an attractive facial gesture. It is they who choose who presents the best option, since this means that the candidates are prosperous and will be able to provide them with food, shelter and clothing for the rest of their lives.

And in other parts of the world the culture is not so different, so today there has been a rebound in the area of ​​dental aesthetics, since everyone yearns to have that perfect image. But ... how to achieve it? A good alternative is the use of veneers, which help to hide stains and irregularities in the positioning of the teeth., among other problems.

Advantages of treatment with dental veneers

So far it has not been determined no disadvantage related to the use of veneers. In any case, the limitations or inconveniences are set by the patient himself. This is a very efficient and irreversible method, with regard to porcelain, so it is essential to follow the recommendations and care suggested by the specialist.

What stands out to the treatment with veneers over other dental aesthetic procedures, is that results can be seen immediately. Also, this technique:


Corrects cosmetic and aesthetic conditions

It is very common to have some dental irregularitiessuch as slight kinks, stains, or gaps between the teeth. These may have been caused by natural factors or external elements, but either of them can be resolved with veneers.


Produces white teeth

Veneers correct those conditions caused by poor eating and oral hygiene habits. Being resistant to stains and discoloration, this is a long-lasting treatment that does not require touch-ups or any other technique to complement its effectiveness.


Replace damaged tooth enamel

The layer that covers the teeth is called enamel, and this, with the passage of time and poor oral hygiene practices, tends to wear out. Veneers provide a new alternative to protection of tooth integrity and act as a shield against abrasive agents, giving the denture an extended period of useful life.

In summary, there is no excuse that prevents you from having a perfect smile. Today you have the option of presenting yourself to the world with white teeth, aligned and in perfect condition. Would you like to do a treatment with veneers? Visit us at Blanco Dental Health Clinic so that we can give you the exact diagnosis of the condition of your dental arch. Later, we will tell you which of the existing types is the most convenient for you.

Dental veneers: An excellent aesthetic alternative

Types of existing dental veneers

On the market you will find a variety of veneers that can be used successfully, according to the specification of the specialist in dental aesthetics. Among the most notable are:


This is a very durable material, frequently used in dentistry to make crowns or dental covers. The main advantage of this type of veneer is its resistance, being used especially in those patients who have had permanent implants with metal studs placed.


It is a moldable material, which has as its main quality the power optimally imitate the shade of the teeth. Likewise, it allows simple corrections of the defects that the teeth could have.

Ceramic or porcelain

These are the most used veneers in the field of dental aesthetics, because they are resistant and highly functional. The ceramic is applied by means of a mold positioned in the arch, where the material is injected so that it covers all the teeth, which will create an impeccable denture.

Types of materials for veneers

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Porcelain dental veneers

It is based on natural inorganic materials.


They are manufactured by the action of heat in an oven on a quartz, feldspar or / and alumina and kaolin base.


Advantages of porcelain


  • Esthetic: It is the most aesthetic material that currently exists.
  • Hardness: Multiply several times that of the composite
  • Durability: Practically unalterable over time, almost zero aging.


Disadvantages of porcelain


  • Price. It is more expensive than composite.
  • Quick installation. Two sessions are required for placement.
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Composite dental veneers

It is based on synthetic resins.


They are constituted by the inclusion of an inorganic filler material (silica, quartz, etc.) in an organic matrix (resin).


Advantages of the composite:


  • Price. Much cheaper, up to a fifth of the price of porcelain.
  • Quick installation. They are placed in a single session in the clinic.


Disadvantages of composite:


  • Esthetic. Less aesthetic than porcelain.
  • Hardness. Greater ease of fracture by use.
  • Durability. By having an organic base as a matrix, aging is more noticeable.

Dental veneers: Before and after

It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words, and in dental aesthetics it is the best way to demonstrate the very good results that our dental veneers offer.

Dental Veneers - After
Dental Veneers - Before

Lumineers dental veneers. Disadvantages of aesthetic veneers without carving.

Companies that Lumineer veneers they are suitable if there is good alignment of the patient's teeth and can be placed without altering the shape of the teeth. If the teeth are misplaced, minimal grinding may be necessary to balance the surface and allow proper placement of the dental veneers.


Although the process by which the veneers are placed without carving is less disruptive and destructive to your original teeth, a glue that is not as strong as that used for conventional veneers should be used. Porcelain plates that are placed on teeth have a greater potential to break or loosen. This will require a new set of veneers and another trip to the dentist's office to have them placed.


The price of these veneers is usually higher than that of those that require carving, due to the materials and the process carried out.

Other aesthetic dental techniques

If, in addition to taking advantage of the benefits of veneers, you think that there are other treatments that could be useful for your health and dental aesthetics, you can look at the different treatments we have to complete all the needs of your mouth and teeth. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us by phone or in the first free consultation that we put at your disposal in our dental clinics Madrid.