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Bichat Balls (Cheekbone Remodeling)

Bichat balls are an accumulation of fat located on the inside of the cheeks, below the cheekbones and lacking a specific vital function. These Bichat balls can be extracted with a simple operation, thus achieving a better accentuation of the cheekbones and a more youthful appearance. We achieve a result whose effect simulates blush, giving a profile to the face, making the whole more attractive.

bichat balls

Who needs bichat balls?

The extraction of the bichat balls is carried out in people with a very round face or poor cheekbones.


Typically, local anesthesia is used; Except in those cases in which another larger intervention is carried out simultaneously.


A small incision, approximately 1,5 cm., Is made on the inner side of each of the cheeks and by means of pressure from the outer face, the Bichat balls are extracted. The process is easy and it is not painful.


Duration of the intervention.
The intervention lasts from 30 to 45 minutes and is very similar to a dental treatment.


The inflammation is usually minimal and gradually diminishes. The result is not noticeable until a month has passed and, as the inflammation goes down little by little, the environment attributes it to a variation in the patient's weight or, in many cases, to the extraction of the wisdom teeth.


The patient can go back to work the next day.

What Risk Is Assumed?

  • Hematoma: It is the abnormal accumulation of blood in the operated area and it is evacuated through a small incision.


  • Infection: The risk of infections today is very rare, since they are prevented with antibiotic treatment; but it is greater than in other minor interventions, as the incision is in contact with the mouth; where a high number of germs usually reside and it is difficult to do an adequate asepsis.


The price ranges between 1100 and 1500 euros.


Oral hygiene prior to the intervention greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bichat Balls

Is there a very important change with this intervention?

It is an operation whose result is excellent, it removes roundness to the face and highlights the cheekbones and the angle of the jaw.


Is it the same as removing teeth?
The same effect is not achieved as with the extraction of wisdom teeth. Proof of this is that molars are very commonly extracted and there are no changes in the appearance of the cheek.


More information: Bichectomy, what should you know?

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation (or lip volume) is performed on thin lips with little definition to rejuvenate them and to correct perioral wrinkles, although in these cases it should be taken into account that naturalness is more important than the total elimination of wrinkles.


The passage of time and biological aging causes loss or reduction of lip volume, to recover it, this type of intervention is used in which it is important to act progressively, with the aim of achieving a very natural result. Therefore, lip remodeling must always be from less to more, thus avoiding overcorrection that may not be well accepted by the patient.


Generally two or three sessions will be necessary to complete the lip augmentation. We can choose between three types of products, temporary with Platelet Rich Plasma (one month), semi-permanent with Hyaluronic Acid (months) and permanent with Silicone. Dr. Blanco uses semi-permanent and easily removable fillers.


The goal is always to achieve beautiful and natural lips, which harmonize with the rest of the structures of the face. Every day in the Clinic the excesses that are commented and the unsuitable materials that cause deformations not only in the lips but in the rest of the face are observed. These cases require secondary surgery or secondary cheiloplasty for the correction and removal of the substances.

Perioral wrinkles

There is a combined, effective treatment to correct perioral wrinkles. The so-called barcodes are vertical wrinkles that are marked more deeply in smokers.


The result is excellent since it is possible to erase them or make them almost imperceptible. With this treatment beauty and youth are restored to the mouth and lips.


The treatment consists of two procedures: on the one hand the treatment with hyaluronic acid and on the other the application of a CO2 laser treatment. And only the combination of both allows to give a natural and satisfactory solution, since the result achieved is not only due to the filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, but also to the renewal of aging skin in this area through ablation with the CO2 laser.

Treatment Phases

Three sessions of Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its molecular weight.


For this reason it is used to hydrate the skin, and it rebuilds the fibers that support the tissues. In addition to smoothing the subcutaneous folds, it stimulates the production of collagen, which multiplies and prolongs the rejuvenating result.


Hyaluronic acid is injected into the depressed area formed by muscle contraction, just under the skin where the wrinkle is. Creating a kind of "mattress" that can visibly reduce wrinkles.


Two sessions of CO2 Laser
The CO2 laser is the most effective on the current market. It works by removing the top layer of the skin and heats the underlying layer, stimulating the formation of collagen. The result is a renewed and smooth skin. In the recovery period it is necessary to protect the area with special creams. It is performed under local anesthesia.


Studies show that the CO2 laser is 100% effective on fine wrinkles, 60-80% effective on expression lines, and 20-30% effective on acne scars.


Lip augmentation operation
The lip augmentation intervention is performed under local anesthesia, so that the patient does not notice any pain at all, first determining the area of ​​the lips to be treated.


The fillers used in lip augmentation are divided into two groups: permanent ones, whose results last indefinitely; and the temporary ones in which re-absorbable materials are used with which after a time the filling obtained in the intervention disappears. Thus, depending on the material used, the cost or price of the intervention can range between 350 and 1.800 euros.


Postoperative of lip augmentation
Lip augmentation does not require postoperative surgery, the patient being able to rejoin his social life almost immediately.


In the first hours you should not touch the treated area, expose yourself to intense heat or cold, or take aspirin or similar drugs, which increase the risk of bruising; and, during the days following the treatment, the affected area will present some inflammation and redness, and even nodules caused by certain permanent materials that can agglutinate.


To avoid them, it is important that the doctor massage the area of ​​the infiltration, take anti-inflammatories in the following three days and hydrate the lips very well with a specific product or petroleum jelly. Most of the time, these types of complications are related to permanent materials, which can end up being removed if the discomfort is persistent or if the results are not fully satisfactory. In the latter case it is also possible to repeat the operation a few days after the treatment depending on the material used.


The infiltration technique is very safe if the right material is used in a correct way and complications are very rare.


Lip augmentation methods or procedures in our aesthetic clinic of Carabanchel:


1- Plasty, definitive method in which tissues of the same lip are transferred from one part to another, achieving, with the advancement of the labial mucosa from the inside to the outside, an appearance of a wider lip, leaving the scar hidden inside the mouth.


2- Lipofiling or grafts of the patient's own fat on the lip, which is usually performed when simultaneously intervening in other areas that serve as donors, mainly in the case of a face lift, with permanent results. Here, it is the patient's own fat that, once removed by liposuction, is processed, purified, and finally injected into the lip, lacking some of the potential side effects that synthetic materials present.


However, the implantation of a portion of the aponeurosis of the Temporal muscle or of the patient's own dermis tends to be resorbed irregularly or to be excessively noticeable due to the rigidity that the healing produces.


3- Implants of the chosen material, presented in the form of a syringe with a very fine, pre-filled and sterile needle, with which small incisions are made in the lip, in a treatment that barely lasts 30 minutes, in which very simple infiltrations are made with which an attempt is made to replace substances that are found naturally in the epidermis but that have been deteriorating due to physiological factors, such as the passage of time, and other external factors such as the abuse of sun exposure, tobacco or alcohol.


The materials that can be used are very varied:

  • Artecol, which consists of microscopic methacrylate balls mixed with collagen, the current equivalent to silicone, in which an allergic test must be carried out because it contains collagen in its composition. Here, the filling mechanism is not only due to the volume that is inserted but also due to the fibrosis it causes, which is why it must be implanted several times. Its duration is imprecise and individual, between 1 and 2 years and in some cases permanent.
  • Goretex, a definitive method that presents numerous complications, among which the rigidity and sensation of “hard lips” and the exteriorization of the implanted material stand out.



4. Bovine collagen, with very short effects, it is one of the most used organic compounds, with a capacity to cause allergic reactions that require a test or test whose negativity does not exempt the risk of causing said reaction at the time of inclusion.


5. Hyaluronic acid: of non-animal origin, lasts between 6 months and a year, also used to correct fine and superficial wrinkles


The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs prohibits the use of silicone since, while in any of the other cases the injected material can be removed with a small incision, in the case of silicone oil this is totally impossible.


Many times it is better to carry out the treatment in two stages, so that the amount agreed with the patient is injected first and, a week or ten days later, a consultation and the necessary adjustments are made.


Precautions in this type of intervention should always be the maximum and, before undergoing treatment, you must ensure that the patient is completely healthy and does not consume any type of anticoagulant medication Since it is common for bruises to form on the lips after treatment.


It is also important to check that the product to be used is authorized and has not been mixed with others to lower the cost, and the doctor must take a rigorous medical history to rule out allergy problems, in the case of collagen, and on previous implants to which the patient has been able to submit.

Candidates for Lip Augmentation

With the passage of time, the changes in the face are more and more pronounced and the lip begins to lose thickness, surrounding itself with wrinkles that gain depth.


It is from the age of forty that women opt for a lip augmentation that eliminates the wrinkles that surround the lip and regain part of their youth.


El lip augmentation price it usually ranges between 500 and 1.800 euros.

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