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The most innovative, effective and imperceptible orthodontic solution

There are numerous modern treatments that dentists apply to the teeth, among which orthodontics has special relevance, not only for its aesthetic value, but above all for the positive impact that proper alignment of the teeth has on the general health of a patient. person. And within all the existing options, Invisalign Madrid is, without a doubt, the best.


What do we mean when we talk about general well-being? Well, when the procedures of orthodontics applied correctly, the patient improves facial contour, breathing, chewing and, likewise, the process of cleaning the teeth is facilitated. On the other hand, the problems of:


Invisalign Madrid

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontics known as invisible, because, unlike metal braces, it is about fully transparent removable retainers. And for this reason it has established itself as the best alternative to traditional technology. These aligners are made using sophisticated state-of-the-art software, which allows the results to be predicted once the bite problems have been corrected.


In our Blanco Dental Health Clinic We have worked with this type of orthodontics from the very beginning and, today, we can offer patients our extensive experience with this technique, as well as the best equipment on the market. Dr. Gregorio Comino Blanco, director and supervisor of our dental group, has been one of the first to be accredited to apply the Invisalign methodology in Europe.

When to put Invisalign?

Most people think that orthodontics is only necessary for their children to have a prettier smile, but the reality is that these procedures help both adolescents and adults, if any of the following problems are present:

  • Dental crowding. This is corrected by improving alignment, which also contributes to the execution of interdental cleaning. And, by facilitating hygiene, the chances of cavities and periodontal diseases are reduced.
  • Dental malocclusion. When the upper teeth do not mold properly with the lower ones, health disorders can occur, such as headaches, neck pain, difficulty in opening and closing the jaw, or involuntary and excessive clenching and grinding of teeth (bruxism ).
  • Alterations of facial development. This happens when the jaws do not develop properly during the child's growth period. Habits such as continuous use of the pacifier, keeping the thumb (or any other) in the mouth or improper swallowing can lead to deformations of the teeth that are corrected with dental orthopedics.
  • Missing or excess interdental spaces. It could happen that a tooth is hidden because it does not have a place to sprout or that a tooth is missing, in which case there could be a useless space that must be removed.
  • Tooth protrusion. It occurs when the teeth of the upper jaw protrude excessively over those of the lower jaw (overbite) or, conversely, when the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth (prognathism).

La Invisalign technique, specifically, it is indicated as the solution to a wide variety of problems related to the alignment of the teeth and has proven to be effective in 99% of clinical cases requiring orthodontia. To apply it, it is essential that the premolars and first molars of the second dentition have already fully erupted.


And its use is not recommended when:

  • There is a dental crowding of great severity
  • The patient suffers from two or more simultaneous dental disorders
  • The teeth are excessively small
  • Teeth are covered with veneers

However, in your particular case, it will be our specialist who will define if you are suitable for the application of this technique. Before you worry about whether or not you can use Invisalign, request a free appointment initial evaluation in our clinic.

Invisalign treatment

Does orthodontia with Invisalign cause aches and pains?

This is an aspect about which you can be absolutely sure: Invisalign does not cause pain or great discomfort. In fact, of all the orthodontic systems that are used today, this is the one that produces the least discomfort, because it does not have wires or braces that rub or dig into the sensitive parts of the mouth (gums, lips and tongue. ), which could induce the appearance of sores.


On the other hand, Invisalign splints are usually replaced every 15 days and their effect is the induction of a dental micromotion; that is to say, displacement occurs slowly, but very effectively. This also influences so that the discomfort is almost imperceptible. However, each retainer is a little different from the previous one, depending on the adjustments that are made, so it is logical to perceive a certain sensation of pressure that can last around 48 hours.


This minor annoyance, which indicates that the technique is doing its job well, is generally tolerated without problem. But if it persists or is intense, we recommend that our patients contact us to study the possibility of using some type of analgesic.

Recommendations during Invisalign treatment

The great advantage of Invisalign that you can remove and put on the aligners whenever you want it could turn out to be a disadvantage for you, unless you pay attention to the fact that you have to keep them on for most of the day to benefit from their positive effects. Our recommendation is that you use them all the time, except for those times when you are eating or brushing your teeth. That is to say, at least you have to wear them for 22 hours a day.

Why is Invisalign the best option today?

The orthodontic success it will bring you Invisalign is the same that you could obtain with other techniques, with the difference that it won't affect your quality of life. In the past, braces were associated with difficulty speaking, biting, and cleaning teeth after meals.


Instead, with Invisalign invisible aligners you can lead a normal life. And, in addition, you will see the following benefits:

  • You will correct your dental problems without affecting your daily life or the rhythm of your social activities.
  • It will not harm the aesthetics of your appearance.
  • You will be able to talk and laugh without attracting negative attention.
  • It will be possible to practice physical activities and sports without any risk.
  • There will be no impediment to eating all kinds of food.
  • Brushing your teeth will do it comfortably, as you can remove the splints for it.
  • You will sleep peacefully, without feeling the pain caused by the appliances and the sores caused by the friction of the braces.
  • Consultations with the orthodontist will now be much shorter and, instead of half an hour, you will need only 5 minutes for adjustments.
  • The dental modification will be slower, which will help to have a gradual consolidation of the bone tissues, eliminating the risk of causing fracture or loss of teeth, as sometimes happens with other techniques.

Invisalign is the best alternative for those who have never dared to use traditional orthodontic appliances because they find it unsightly, uncomfortable or because it is at variance with their lifestyle. The latter is the case of those who make public life, such as actors, speakers and politicians or, those who have a very intense rhythm of social activity and that perhaps would be affected by a bad appearance.


Invisalign is also ideal for those who are fed up with metal braces or other uncomfortable techniques. It is the perfect technique for lovers of innovations. In itself, it is available to anyone who wants it, you just have to request a free appointment with our specialists.

Price of Invisalign treatment in White Dental Health

Certainly, the cost of Invisalign is higher compared to other methods used in conventional orthodontics (such as metal braces), by virtue of the fact that we are facing a treatment with a very new technique, superior to any other existing up to now and that uses materials of avant-garde technology.


But don't miss the opportunity to correct your teeth problems. In our Salud Dental Blanco clinic we offer you a free consultation to check your teeth, and we will indicate the budget adjusted to your case. You won't find a best place to get orthodontics with Invisalign in Madrid. You lose nothing by coming and evaluating this and other options.


We are here to serve you and your well-being is our great commitment.

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